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Where it all started

New Adventures

Yesterday was graduation day at Trinity College and today is the start of my new adventures. I loved all of my studies, although particularly talented in the sciences especially the art of physics and alchemy.

This morning I gathered my belongings in that leather steam trunk I had inherited after the death of Lord and Lady Parsons… mum and dad. I made sure to carefully wrap my microscope in that expensive ruffled blouse I was given as a graduation present and father’s astrolabe was carefully tucked in its velvet pouch. I used mum’s silk opera gloves to protect each of the fragile glass vials and specimen bottles in my leather briefcase. That case contains everything that I could possibly need to help the people. Between the trunk and that small case, I surprisingly had enough room to fit the entire contents of my laboratory. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been amazed at the amount the steam trunk was able to hold, it’s much bigger on the inside then it appears.

After handing my old key to my former landlord I headed for the train station. Where was I going? Honestly I’m not sure, I’m hoping something leads me in a particular direction.

While waiting for the signalers to light a torch for the traffic, I glanced around taking in one last breath of my old Dublin neighborhood. Someday I hope to return. I looked in the sky at the massive dirigibles that floated through the air taking the aristocracy from one event to another. The science I’ve learned goes far beyond their lofty heads. They were happier thinking about the latest trends in fashion and the international money trades. They probably didn’t even know what forces were keeping their airship aloft and I am sure they don’t care. I’ve always been blessed that father was so close to the people. While I’ve been required to play the aristocratic role many times, I’ve never been seduced by its promises.

The people on the streets were the ones that I plan to help. I know they will benefit most from my knowledge of science. Those people can’t afford their own fancy airships let alone the difference engine to plot their courses. They need someone like me to help teach them how to use the resources they already have access to. Knowledge is one thing that should never be limited to the rich.

So… here I sit on a train, heading west. Adventures usually find me whether I’m looking for them or not.