Spinning to Make Colors

Science of Art: Spinning to Make Colors


Pencil, compass (or cookie cutter), White Card stock, scissors, markers or crayons, sharp pencil or wooden skewer


  1. Use a pencil and a compass or a circle cookie cutter to make circle shapes on white card stock. Cut them out with scissors.
  2. Divide the circles into equal sections and decorate each section with different colors.
  3. Push a sharp pencil or stick through a hole in the center of each circle.
  4. Spin the spinner as fast as you can on a tabletop and watch the different colors merge. If you color a spinner with the colors of a rainbow, it may appear white when you spin it.


The spinner is turning so fast that instead of seeing separate colors, our eyes see the mixture.


White light is made up of the colors of the rainbow, so a spinner decorated with these colors appears white. Look closely at a color TV or the photographs in a book. The pictures are made up of lots of tiny colored dots. By seeing books and tvs from a distance, the dots seems to mix together and make colors.


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