Separate Colors with Water

Science of Art: Separating Colors


paper towels, scissors, colored markers, water, jar


  1. With a pair of compasses draw some circles onto paper towels(or you can use a round cookie cutter). Cut them out with scissors.
  2. Using markers of different colors (black, purple, green, brown and orange are good colors to use) to draw a dot (about the size of a dime) of color in the middle of each circle.
  3. Place each circle of paper towel over the top of a clean dry jar.
  4. Add drops of water to the dot of color, use an eye dropper or a straw.
  5. Allow the color to spread and dry.


Rings of different colors will appear.


You will see that as the water spreads the colors will travel at different speeds and you will see that each color will create a ring. In printing and painting there are three primary colors – red, blue, and yellow. The enormous variety of colored dyes, paints, and inks are made by mixing different amounts of two or more of the primary colors.

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